Event wise, it has been way too silent all around BarCraft Switzerland for way too long. The year 2014 is long over and it hasn’t been one of crazy many BarCrafts, Pubstomps or other e-Sports viewing parties. Indeed, the general interest in watching StarCraft II has been decreasing for quite a while now, and less and less people used to show up for the latest BarCrafts. But that is no excuse for us for not putting together the one or other event anyway – that ought to change in 2015!

Well, if StarCraft doesn’t enjoy popularity as it used to then there is a simple solution to that from the BarCraf Switzerland point of view:

Don’t concentrate only on StarCraft!

Yes, we did give PubStomps a shot and tried to show the one or other DotA2 event. But in all honesty, we by far didn’t show the effort we would have had to, in order to make those events live up to our own standards – and the expectations of the DotA2 fans in Switzerland. In our heads we were stubbornly focussing on StarCraft after all. 2015 however, is a year for fresh starts and a new mindset.

We are currently in the process of checking dates with our regular venue, the Oliver Twist Pub, not only for upcoming StarCraft II (Dreamhack Open) tournaments, but also for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DotA2 (ESL One). And we are eager to also through League of Legends (LCS) into the mix as soon as the major events are announced. And if this wasn’t enough already, we would love to top it all off with Hearthstone events. And – who knows how far it will come to this within 2015 – perhaps even some viewing parties for Heroes of the Storm(?).


And if you know about any major e-Sports events all around one of those titles – or perhaps even yet another game which could be interesting to enough people to put together a reasonabl viewing party for it – LET US KNOW!

For now, we are only left to say one thing:

2015, BRING IT ON!

Photo: Helena Kristiansson, ESL (source: Flickr)