ZURICH – DreamHack Open in Stockholm and the first of two Arena events of MLG’s Spring Season in New York! Obviously April 20-22 promise a ton of epic eSport on a single weekend! It seems only logical, that such a weekend must not pass without a BarCraft!

Tell your family, friends & foes to BarCraft Switzerland #5! Enthusiasts and casual gamers, barcraft-firsttimers as well as veterans, and most definitely hungry and thirsty Irish pub fans gather on Sunday, April 22nd, at the Oliver Twist Pub (Rindermarkt 6, 8001 Zurich) – the vibrant center of the Niederdorf district in Zurich.

Follow the jawdropping DreamHack and MLG Spring Arena action on 3 HD screens in the comfy Irish pub atmosphere. Enjoy fresh, cold beer and greasy, yet sinfully delicious burgers while the best Starcraft II players in the world are busy kicking their teeth in! The Oliver Twist will once again provide a special offer for our special crowd! And while some games are shown on the screens, we’ll make sure to keep you posted on the results from other games as well!

Last but not least, we will hopefully be able to feature an awesome premier! Given we can overcome the last few issues in time, Barcraft Vienna and our Barcraft in Zurich will battle it out – in a StarCraft II Live-Match played, casted and streamed at the Oliver Twist Pub!

No matter if you are intending to come or yet undecided, visit us on Facebook and add your status to the Facebook Event!

Stay tuned!