[lang_en-us]EUROPE – There are dozens of different BarCrafts in almost every single country in Europe. The majority is rather isolated from each other and each is strongly based on its own little community of StarCraft enthusiasts. The lack of size results in a lack of reach. And the lack of reach in a lack of voice. Not strong enough for tournament organizers or sponsors to hear. BarCraft Connect, the first network of BarCrafts out of Europe, is about to change that.

BerlinBarCraft, Munich StarCraft, BarCraft Austria and BarCraft Switzerland. The founding fathers of the very first network of BarCrafts in Europe. In time we were joined by BarCrafts from Aachen, Cologne, Dresden, Erfurt, Graz, Leipzig, Würzburg and eventually even the eSports Bar in Paris “Meltdown”. By now the network has officially launched as “BarCraft Connect“, or short: BCON (as in “Fleet Beacon“). With an coverage on the BCON by Gosugamers.net and by tagging all of our member events with “[BCON]“, the network is very successful in creating visibility. But to what purpose?

Teams organizing BarCrafts in different cities, all experience the same challenges - and problems. How to find a location? Which tournament to show at the BarCraft without knowing streaming schedules? What day? What time? Pretty much every BarCraft is facing identical problems, and each one tries to solve them on their on. This results in an unnecessary repetition of the same tasks, dozens of times, all the time, everyhwere.

BarCraft is still at a point, where organizing such an event is driven purely by the organizer’s enthusiasm for eSport and the motivation to contribute to the local scene – definitely not by profit. With no reasonable budget, it is only an obvious option, to go and try to find sponsors, that are willing to provide give-aways, perhaps even hardware. However, with each BarCraft representing only a very small community, and thus only having a limited reach, there is of course hardly any interest of a sponsor to “waste” money on it.

But what if all BarCrafts were able to share a giant pool of information, helpful for organizing BarCrafts? Profit from the experience and the knowledge of other BarCrafts instead of having to make all the experiences, and mistakes, on their own, before their BarCrafts become a success. What if BarCrafts could unite and speak out to organiziers and sponsors with a single, loud and clear voice? What if a BarCraft no longer consisted only of its own small community of enthusiats, but all of a sudden was part of a community with thousands of followers? Well, that’s what BarCraft Connect is about!

The BCON helps new BarCrafts to grow, and accomplished BarCrafts to improve even further. The BCON represents common interests of the members towards tournament organizers. The BCON approaches sponsors, showing the uncomparable value of BarCrafts, seeking support for all the members of the network. The BCON is not interested in cutting deals which only involve a handfull of its most accomplished members. A sponsor has to either support all of them, or none.

And the BCON has been busy. Visiting major events all over Europe, our members were able to get in touch with organizers and publishers, with hardware and software developers, with players and casters. The word of BarCraft-Connect is out there, and the fact that such an elaborate, internationally spread network has formed, proof them one thing – BarCrafts are now to be considered serious partners to the eSports scene and companies engaged in it. And we’re not planning to disappear anytime soon.[/lang_en-us]