You have found your way to this website already, so it seems reasonable to assume that you are not entirely unfamiliar with the term BarCraft. However, for those of you who stumbled upon this site by accident, chance or destiny, here is a short introduction to the awesome phenomenon currently conquering bars all around the world called BarCraft!

All right, slowly now: What is this BarCraft thing?

BarCraft is watching e-sport tournaments live in a bar, together with your friends. It’s exactly like watching football, actually. BarCraft involves the same level of nail-biting excitement, soaring highs as you see your favorite players win, and crushing lows in the opposite cases, screaming at the screen, and so on.

And what, pray tell, is e-sports?

Just like e-mail is electronic mail, e-sport is electronic sports, involving competitive playing of video games. E-sport is a class of sports, and depending on the game in question it can take many different forms.

At the time of writing, the most popular game is Starcraft II, a real-time strategy game played most often individually (that is, there is no inherent team structure).

Why would anyone want to watch video-games in a bar? Isn’t that what basements were invented for?

For exactly the same reasons anyone would want to watch football in a bar, or in fact, the same reasons why people prefer to do anything together rather than alone. These reasons include excitement, thrill, alcohol, socializing, cheering, and so on.

I don’t think video games are very exciting

It is true that video games are not for everyone – but most people simply haven’t given them a chance. Then again, we would love to prove you wrong, and we are pretty confident that we could, if you allowed us to try.

I don’t understand what’s going on in video games

When I first watched a baseball match, I didn’t understand anything either. By the end of the match, I not only knew the game, but instinctively cheered for one side, and left disappointed after their loss.

Professional e-sport games are commentated by professional e-sports commentators, and they try their best to provide the uninitiated with an exhilarating experience. And if nothing else, remember that you are sharing it with several other knowledgeable people who would love to explain what is happening.

But aren’t gamers loners?

Not only are gamers not loners, but many who would attend a BarCraft may not even call themselves gamers, in much the same way that people watching football games are unlikely to be hardcore football players themselves.

If gamers were loners, there would be no BarCraft. But there is.

I’m convinced, what do I do?

Come to a BarCraft! Have a look at the calendar to see if you can find a suitable upcoming event.

We would also love to hear from you.